You have been equipped to thrive in the people, places and passions God has given to you.

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I'm NJ Rongner and the title of Stay At Home Mom isn't the one God created for me.

I am 100% OVER feeling guilty about working, loving my family and loving Jesus. I know that God wants families to thrive, to love Him and be loved by Him.

I'm a wife, a mom, run Working Christian Mom and work full time as a Marketing Coach at Clickfunnels. I don't have time to feel guilty, I'm too busy living the life God has called me to. He created me with gifts and talents to share with the world (and that includes my clients and co-workers).  I know that God wants women to thrive in the people, places and passions He has given them. It is my joy to encourage you along the way. 


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Listen To The Working Christian Mom Podcast

The Working Christian Mom podcast is a mix of interviews and solo show My areas of expertise include time management, building habits & routines and  business strategy. Because I know my audience is full of moms who work outside of the home as well as entrepreneurs/work at home moms, you can expect a variety of podcast topics.

Community, Cause & Calling with Megan Burns

17: Community, Cause & Calling with Megan Burns

Meg  Burns is a large family mama (she’s got 4 kids), a serial entrepreneur and has a heart for seeing women thrive. In this episode you’ll hear: How Megan’s cause has changed, but calling has remained steady through the years. Why it’s so much harder to start an online shop now, than it was 5…

The Art of Surrender with Jennifer Dukes Lee

16: The Art Of Surrender with Jennifer Dukes Lee

Jennifer Dukes Lee is an author, speaker, mom and farmer’s wife. She’s also a gal who was taken on a surrender journey and graciously wrote about her lessons so that we could all learn from them. Her newest book, It’s All Under Control released in September 2018. In This Episode You’ll Hear: Why Jennifer wrote…

Stay at home mom to CEO

15: From Stay At Home Mom To CEO with Natalie Ard

Natalie is the founder and CEO of Star Kids Company and their flagship products are the Christmas Star From Afar and the Easter Story Egg. The Star  From Afar comes with a book and wooden nativity scene. Each day, the star hides and the 3 Wise Man go find it. It is a Gospel centered…

Keeping The Lord In the Center Of Your Work & Business with Val Woerner

14: Keeping The Lord In the Center Of Your Work & Business with Val Woerner

  In this episode of the Working Christian Mom Podcast, I chat with Valerie Woerner of Val Marie Paper. Val is a friend of one of my biz besties, and the creator of one of the products that’s an MVP in my life, the yearly prayer journal. I own and use several Val Marie Paper…

13- On Being A Pastor's Wife, Ministry Leader and Working Mom with Esther Littlefield

13: On Being A Pastor’s Wife, Ministry Leader and Working Mom with Esther Littlefield

Today on the Working Christian Mom Podcast, I chat with my friend and fellow multi-passionate entrepreneur Esther Littlefield. Esther is a pastor’s wife, a mama and the host of The Christian Women Leadership Podcast where she women in leadership to lead well and with confidence. Esther never expected to become a pastor’s wife and in…

When God throws... podcast cover

12: When God Throws You A Curve Ball, It’s Always A Home Run

Hey guys! Welcome back to the Working Christian Mom podcast! I’m your host, NJ Rongner. I have missed you! I want to apologize for going radio silent for so long- my 4th of July week break turned into an entire month of July break. A few really big things happened in July.. they were good…

Adoption Family Boundaries

11: Adoption, Family Boundaries and Work with Becky Dempster

Today on the Working Christian Mom podcast, I sit down with my friend Becky. Becky has a heart for adoption and in this episode you’re going to hear about it. When we recorded this episode, their international adoption had been finalized and they were just waiting for the call that they could go to Haiti…

Whistle blowing in the military

10: The Courage To Do The Right Thing, Whistle Blowing In The Military With Danielle Roberts

In this episode of the Working Christian Mom podcast, I am chatting with my biz bestie, Danielle Roberts. And just a heads up, we recorded this in April. Danielle is feeling better (she mentions in the episode that she was on crutches). Danielle is passionate about mentorship and especially the mentorship of women who love…

ob loss, spousal deployment & finding friends after military moves with Sam Munoz.

09: Job Loss, Spousal Deployment & Finding Community After Military Moves with Sam Munoz

On this episode of the Working Christian Mom podcast, my friend Sam Munoz is here. Sam is the author of The Intentional Bookshelf. And her love for books runs deep and we talk about her parenting secret weapon… spoiler alert, it’s books! And she shares some of her favorite children’s books that might be flying…

hen God uses work to make your story come full circle with Lilah Higgins.

08: When God Uses Work To Make Your Story Come Full Circle with Lilah Higgins.

In this episode of the Working Christian Mom podcast I interview my internet friend turned real life friend, Lilah Higgins. Earlier this year, literally took her courage by the hand and did something really brave. She went to the If:Gathering knowing that she didn’t know anyone there besides her husband. Going to the If:Gathering was…