17: Community, Cause & Calling with Megan Burns

Meg  Burns is a large family mama (she’s got 4 kids), a serial entrepreneur and has a heart for seeing women thrive.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Megan’s cause has changed, but calling has remained steady through the years.
  • Why it’s so much harder to start an online shop now, than it was 5 years ago when Meg started hers.
  • The thought process behind closing Meg’s online shop, even though the business was thriving on paper.
  • Why Meg thinks it’s so important to actively choose love.
  • Even when we feel lonely, we’re not alone.
  • How Meg and I make work happen, as work at home moms.
  • How to set boundaries and keep them.

Our big takeaways:

Cause and Calling are two different things.

Your calling is that thing you were born to do, that God put inside of you when he made you. It’s constant.  Our cause is how our calling shows up in our lives. And that might shift over time. It may have a season with a beginning, middle and end. But our calling remains steady.  

Sometimes we have to end something so we can thrive in a new area.

Megan closed her handmade shop, even though it looked “good” on paper. And in doing so she found freedom to thrive in a new project. That couldn’t really happen until she had the mental space she needed to just focus on one thing, selling Young Living essential oils. When she closed their online shop, her essential oils business exploded.

The boundary lines are in pleasant places.

The cool thing about boundaries is that we get to set them. Setting boundaries can be hard at first, but just like with any other muscle, the more you work it, the easier it gets.

Work at home mamas, decide how you’re going to manage your day and then do it!

Instead of scrolling on social media, use the spare minutes you have wisely. What can you get done in five minutes?

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About our guest: Megan is a business owner, wife, mom to five, & currently living outside of Minneapolis. She is a big believer in speaking life, encouraging other women, and believes her calling is to encourage & empower women to believe they can make a difference in their homes/communities/schools/or across the world. She loves to read, learn new things, and travel with her family. Connect with her on  Instagram.

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