32: Word Of The Year With Sarah Morrison

On this episode of the Working Christian Mom podcast, Sarah Morrison and I discuss our hopes, dreams and goals for 2020. We also reveal our centering word of the year and how we arrived at them. Listen to the podcast here:

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30: How To Handle Negative Feedback At Work

What is the biblical response when you get a negative review or receive feedback from your manager that points out areas you can grow in? In this episode, NJ shares her experience and gives us several tips on how to handle it. Join the Working Christian Mom community here.

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29: Where Has The Podcast Been These Last Few Months?

Where did you go, NJ? In this episode of the Working Christian Mom podcast, I share all about what I’ve been up to the last few months and WHY the podcast needed a break. Guess what? It involves me landing my dream job. Listen here. Join the Working Christian Mom Facebook Community.

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27: Parenting Beyond The Rules with Connie Albers

Parenting beyond the rules with Connie Albers

One of the questions I get most often about how to parent tweens and teens well. On this episode of the podcast, Connie Albers, author of Parenting Beyond The Rule shares the tips and tricks that worked for her. Here’s my favorite quote that really sums up this whole episode. “People say my children are…

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26: Never Too Far Gone, Restoration & Reconciliation With Alexa Bigwarfe

In this episode we talked about:  Alexa’s surprise of being pregnant with twin girls, who they would later find out suffer from a common disease, Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), which ultimately led to the loss of one twin baby girl.  The loss of Alexa’s baby affecting her relationship and faith in God. Alexa: “All I…

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