13: On Being A Pastor’s Wife, Ministry Leader and Working Mom with Esther Littlefield

Today on the Working Christian Mom Podcast, I chat with my friend and fellow multi-passionate entrepreneur Esther Littlefield. Esther is a pastor’s wife, a mama and the host of The Christian Women Leadership Podcast where she women in leadership to lead well and with confidence.

Esther never expected to become a pastor’s wife and in our conversation, she shares about her journey to finding safe people to confide in, what it’s like to be a Working Christian Mom pastor’s wife and how she got over the guilt about not being a stay at home mom.

Two Big Takeaways from my conversation with Esther:

We all need to find safe people to confide in.

Esther and I both believe that we need close relationships with trusted friends. When Esther was experiencing marriage troubles, she couldn’t confide in just anyone at her church. She found safe people who she knew would keep her trust. We all need these people in our lives. And when someone trusts us with their hurts and worries, we need to hold sacred space with that instead of gossiping.

If you’re seeking something and don’t see it out there, perhaps you’re being called to create it.

Both Esther and I created spaces for women online through our podcasts because we were craving the community we were looking for. Esther also created a Bible Study at her church because she didn’t see what she was looking for. Often times, we have the tendency to stay on the sidelines, wait and wish someone else would just hurry up and create something for us. But often times, that stirring in  your heart is the Lord prompting YOU to start!

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About Our Guest: Esther Littlefield is the writer at EstherLittlefield.com and host of The Christian Woman Leadership Podcast, where she encourages and equips women to embrace their God-given gifts, skills, and passions in order to lead with confidence. She is also the founder and CEO of Morningstar Media Services, a digital marketing agency which helps female entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses.

Never satisfied to do just ONE thing, Esther stays busy as a pastor’s wife, mom, leader, friend, and entrepreneur. Esther combines her background as a social worker, network marketer, and blogger to help others achieve their goals in their life and business.

When she’s not running her agency, writing, or dreaming up a new idea, you can find Esther heading out for a hike with her family, sipping a cup of coffee, or enjoying the occasional Netflix binge. Connect with Esther: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest

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