02: From Stay At Home Mom to Full Time Working Mom With Christie Elkins

If you a stay at home mom who has ever wondered about going back to work full time or a  full time working mom, you’re going to love this episode of the  Working Christian Mom podcast.

I am so excited to bring you the first interview of the Working Christian Mom podcast. I’m chat with my friend  my friend Christie Elkins about her journey going from a stay at home mom to a full time working mom.  I watched her transformation from stay at home homeschooling mom to full time kids in public school mom. In this episode we talk about that journey.  And when I think of the perfect person to kick off the WCM podcast, it’s her. She is THRIVING.

In this episode you’ll here tons of wisdom bombs and really great insight from Christie as she shares how she makes working full time work for her family.

In this episode about going from a stay at home mom to full time working mom you’ll also hear:

  • Advice for the mama who is carrying the full weight of her family on her shoulders.  
  • How Christie added a special family tradition without adding more to her plate.
  • How Christie’s family handles sick days as a full time working mom.
  • Why Christie and her husband over communicate when it comes to their schedule at work.

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About our guest:  Christie Elkins, is small town newspaper columnist, Director of the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce, wife of a cop, mother of three awesome children, (Eden, August, and Titus) and taking on farm life, one East Tennessee day at a time.  In her spare time she writes, feed chickens, shops at thrift stores, drinks way too much coffee, and east handfuls of Junior Mints in a small space in her kitchen floor when no one is looking. You can connect with her at lettersfromthenest.com

You can also connect with Christie on Instagram.



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How to transition from stay at home mom to full time working mom. Tips for moms going back to work full time.


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