03: Finding God in Hard Seasons with Elisa Pulliam

Have you ever wondered how to go about finding God in hard seasons? In this episode of the Working Christian Mom Podcast, I sit down with my friend  Elisa Pulliam God completely shut the door on what Lisa thought was going to be the forever ministry and they lost almost everything, including the place where they lived, their community and jobs. Their entire world was turned upside down. Lisa candidly shares how finding God in hard seasons has been  full of grief, joy and caused her to be brave.  There are affiliate links present in this post. Click here to read our affiliate policy. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why Lisa is still grieving that loss and can’t 100% say that God has redeemed that story.
  • How this major life event affected her kids and how she feels as a mom who is walking her kids through his story.
  • How Lisa is pointing her kids towards Jesus and getting the support she needs while she walks out this hard time in her life.
  • How Lisa found new friends and community in her new city.
  • Seasons of friendship and the way God builds those friend foundations that remain for our whole lives.

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Finding God in the Hard Season Guest BioAbout our guest: Elisa Pulliam is the author of Meet the New You and founder of the ministry More to Be. She is a certified life coach, mentor, and speaker who is passionate about inspiring women to experience a fresh encounter with God for the sake of impacting the next generation. Elisa and her husband, Stephen, savor life together with their four children.

About Elisa’s new book, Unblinded Faith. 

Would you like to have the kind of faith that strengthens your soul? What if you could endure trials with a steady calm and make daily decisions with confidence in God’s purposes?

In Unblinded Faith, Elisa Pulliam invites you to take a holy pause and experience a fresh encounter with God and His Word. This 90-day devotional is filled with thoughtful application of Scripture to help you see God personally and know His love for you.

It is possible to take God at His Word. It is possible to embrace His promises, even when your circumstances challenge your faith. You can experience the fullness of God’s love, kindness, grace, mercy, and wisdom—no matter where you find yourself today. If you crave unshakable hope, it’s time to embrace unblinded faith!


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