01: Battle Cry For The Working Christian Mom

In this episode, I get a little fired up about the mission God has given me. This is my message to you… A Battle Cry for the Working Christian Mom.

You can love your family and your job, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. When God created you, He gifted you with unique passions, gifts and talents to be shared with the world. It’s 100% okay to use those in your job. Your kids will be just fine, no matter what your church community might be telling you.

You are enough. You don’t need to be any more or any less than what you are, right here and right now. Guilt and grace DO NOT DWELL in the same space or breathe the same air. You’re enough because you’re God’s daughter and because Jesus put himself on the cross for you.

Conviction comes from the holy spirit, guilt wrecks us because we let it. God’s grace is enough. He told us so.

You can do hard things.  And those things that scare you, those are probably the things you NEED to be doing.

Your work IS ministry and the world needs your work. Those things that you’re doing at your job or in your business? NO ONE else can do them the way you do them. Nobody. And you’re uniquely gifted and purposed for those things you do.

When God created you, he knew you’d be in this role, at this job. You don’t need to be a pastor, have a platform or a stage to have influence. You have influence RIGHT where you’re at. Every single one of is is called to know Jesus and to make him known. Including you.

It’s okay that you’re ambitious. You know what else is okay? Pursuit of a job well done. There is nothing wrong with setting goals and hitting them. 

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Battle Cry For The Working Christian Mom. Do you struggle with mom guilt? Then you need to read this!

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  1. Barb Edwards on April 26, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    Love this NJ! Love your passion!

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