05: Finding Time To Make Priorities Happen With Kelsey Van Kirk

Finding time to make priorities happen can be one of the hardest parts about being a Working Christian Mom. What are the things you do everyday, always and no matter what? These priority tasks move our faith, work life, home and family forward, but how do you decide what to do? And what do you do when you don’t want to do them?  In this episode of the Working Christian Mom podcast, I chat with my friend Kelsey Van Kirk about the power of habit and finding time to make #allthethings happen. 

You’ll hear us talk about our everyday, always no matter whats including:

  • How we set up our families for success and WHY it’s so important.
  • Why it’s super important to know the WHY.
  • Why to revisit your task list and no matter whats.
  • How to effectively brain dump.
  • Perfection vs. Spirit Led Excellence
  • Why partnering with the Lord is the best partnership of all.

Here’s the ONE thing I want you to take away from this episode…

Get with the Lord and dig in. What is the calling in your life in this season?  What produces the greatest impact.. What can you do with excellence and ease. Think about the things that really bother you or steal your joy. Be noticers of things that really bother you and take action on them quickly.

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Finding Time To Make Priorities Happen with Kelsey Van Kirk InstaAbout our guest: Kelsey Van Kirk is a thinker, writer, speaker, mentor and the founder of the Simply Life on Purpose Movement.  Through her weekly podcast, courses, and membership community Kelsey equips women with the tools and encouragement they need to create lasting change and do life well, for  God’s glory. She and her husband Andrew live in North Carolina with their four young daughters.

Connect with Kelsey: Website / Instagram / Podcast 





Finding time to make priorities happen can be hard. Learn how to make new habits so they grow into lasting change.

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