04: Finding God Even When You’re Busy With Entrice Rowe

How do you go about finding God even when you’re busy? Where do you look? What do you read, where do you go? 

 In this episode of the Working Christian Mom Podcast, I sat down with my friend and faith mentor, Entrice Rowe for a really practical conversation about how to get more of God in our lives, even when we’re busy.

Finding God even when we're busyEntrice is a Certified Life Coach and Faith Mentor. She enjoys helping women revamp their lives from fear to faith. In addition to being a life coach, Entrice is also a Writer, Transformative Speaker, and Author of You Are Equipped: How To Do The Hard Things with Grace, Love, and Grit. Entrice and her husband have 4 kids and reside in Jacksonville, FL where they enjoy serving in their community and at their local church.

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In this episode about finding God even when you’re busy you’ll hear:

  • What we can do if we want more of God in our lives.
  • How to connect with God even if you’ve only got 5 or 10 minutes.
  • The mindset shift that I experienced when I started inviting God into her entire day instead of just my morning devotional time.
  • How to redeem “dead” time in your day and use it to connect with God.
  • How to incorporate your kids into your faith.
  • My secret weapon for getting my kids to stop fighting.
  • How Entrice suggests connecting with a partner or spouse in faith, if they’re just not into it.
  • How to prioritize your time so you have time to minister to others.

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These were my favorite takeaways from this episode.

If you want more of God, ask him for it. Seriously, it is as simple as asking him for more of himself. He’s there just waiting and He’s the God of Abundance, ready to connect with you. Even if all you’ve got is 5 minutes, you can connect with God!

One of the easiest ways to connect with God is through the Bible. Entrice recommends getting a great study Bible because it has so much additional information that you’ll find useful. Another great option is to download the Holy Bible app (YouVersion) on your phone. Not only does this give you the Bible in your pocket, but it also has a play option. It will read the text right to you! Entrice and I also recommend writing scripture by hand in your favorite notebook or on note cards.

Stop trying to put Him in a box.  God wants to be involved with our entire day, not just the morning or during our quiet time. “God is a God of new, fresh and creative ideas. He wants to meet with you in new ways.” Entrice Rowe. 

Wondering even more ways  to connect with God? Check out this post about my favorite Bible Study resources. 

Resources & Links Mentioned

Jelly Telly is like Netflix for Christian kids. I 100% recommend the show “What’s in the Bible?”. Visit Jelly Telly here (this is not an ad).

Apps recommended by Entrice: Cozi App // Quicky Sticky App 

YouTube Channels recommended by Entrice: Graham Cooke // It’s Supernatural With Sid Roth

Women of Faith that have helped Entrice develop her walk: Priscilla Shrirer // Beth Moore // Lysa Terkeurst

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