26: Never Too Far Gone, Restoration & Reconciliation With Alexa Bigwarfe

In this episode we talked about: 

  • Alexa’s surprise of being pregnant with twin girls, who they would later find out suffer from a common disease, Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), which ultimately led to the loss of one twin baby girl. 
  • The loss of Alexa’s baby affecting her relationship and faith in God. Alexa: “All I could think about was, “Why do you hate me?” … and I just ended my relationship with God.” 
  • The struggles Alexa had with herself in who she was and how she fell into a dark place in her life. 
  • How the relationship with her husband fell apart and how they would continue with their lives going on their own paths while still being parents to their kids. 
  • The events that led to Alexa’s faith in God being fully restored and the newest commitments her husband started to make for their relationship and family to be stronger than ever. 
  • Alexa’s inspiration to share her story, write her books, and build her business and community towards helping families that can relate to her difficult life experiences. 

Here’s a few quotes that we thought were awesome:  

[10:20] “God never promises that it’s going to be kittens and rainbows…he never promises it’s going to be easy.” 

[11:11] “He’s [God] sending us to walk through this hard trial and to learn and to grow and to gain the knowledge so that we can help other people along their journey.” 

[26:16] “…I try really hard to drop my own pride and to say, “You’re not doing things right all the time either.” and “How is this impacting him [Alexa’s husband]? How does this make him feel?”, and most importantly, “What are you doing to make him feel loved?” When you start loving on someone like that, the response is incredible.” 

[29:11] “It’s really not only trying to think through things from the other person’s perspective before you get so angry at them that you’re at a darker place, [but] along with learning to communicate and actually communicating.” 

[34:19] “If you’re marriage is riding the struggle train, I think that if you can find ways to go back to the very things that you did when you first were dating and were first falling in love, that that just brings a level of lightness and joy back into it.” 

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About our guest: Alexa Bigwarfe is a wife, mother to 3 wildlings, devoted advocate, blogger, author, and publisher. Her writing career began after her infant daughter passed away at 2 days old. She has written and/or edited and published eight books, including Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother and Ditch the Fear and Just Write It! She uses that hard-earned publishing knowledge to support other writers and entrepreneurs at writepublishsell.co. She also owns the small hybrid-publishing company Kat Biggie Press (katbiggiepress.com), dedicated to sharing women’s works of inspiration and self-help. Alexa is passionate about women’s, infant, and children’s health topics and has had more than 50 articles published in regional parenting magazines around the U.S. and Canada. She enjoys drinking wine, spending time with her husband and friends, traveling, and just because life isn’t full enough, hosting the “Lose the Cape!” podcast featuring inspirational mothers and women making a difference in the world. Join the Lose the Cape movement at losethecape.com. 

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