18: God’s Redemption Song with Sarah Morrison

Today on the show I am sharing a conversation that I had earlier this summer with my friend  Sarah Morrison. Her story is one that \I’ve been dying to share with you guys and here’s why. She went from being a married homeschooling mama of 5 to becoming a divorced single mom. God brought someone new into her life and now she’s remarried with six kids! Not only that, she’s currently the full time working parent and her husband Cole is the primary care giver (aka the stay at home dad) for their family.

In this episode we talk about God’s redemption song through her story, how and why Cole (that’s her husband) became a stay at home dad, including their biblical conclusion, logistics and her Sarah’s mindset struggles and shift  about their role reversal. Spoiler alert, this role is a God sized dream come true for Cole and he treats it like it’s his job.

Sarah is a powerhouse and seriously one of my favorite people I’ve ever met through the internet, although, we’ve also met in person. She’s passionate about helping women rebuild after a divorce and loves to help women make a life shift. She’s also a coach with Click Funnels and Create Your Laptop LIfe, you’ll hear us talk about both of those.

Gals, if you are riding the shame train about working, getting push back from your family & friends or really need a pep talk to encourage you to run the race the Lord has given you in. You’re going to love this episode. Alright, let’s dive in.

Scripture referenced:

Proverbs 31:11 The heart of her husband trusts in her, he will have no lack of gain.

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About our guest: Sarah Morrison is a Life Shift Strategist. She helps women kickstart, rebuild or expand a life they love. After finding herself a suddenly single mom of five, Sarah successfully scaled her own business to a full-service agency offering web design, digital strategy, and business coaching. Now she encourages and helps other women tap into their talents and find their footing again. Sarah works with other freelancers as an Accountability Coach with the Clickfunnels’ Two Comma Club X program and the Create Your Laptop Life Program. She is now a mom of six, coffee addict and Bravo TV watcher extraordinaire. Website / Instagram 



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