11: Adoption, Family Boundaries and Work with Becky Dempster

Today on the Working Christian Mom podcast, I sit down with my friend Becky. Becky has a heart for adoption and in this episode you’re going to hear about it. When we recorded this episode, their international adoption had been finalized and they were just waiting for the call that they could go to Haiti to bring their son home. However, that process can take a bit of time.

Becky shares how the door to foster care was never opened for them, even though they went through the entire process, how God lead their family to pursue international adoption and how she is getting ready to welcome her son home. She speaks openly her anxiety and fear about  bringing a child of color home to their neck of the woods, an area that is mostly caucasian and shares what they are doing as a family to prepare.

Can I tell you a secret? This episode of the Working Christian Mom podcast was recorded in the spring, but I can let the cat out of the back to tell you that sweet Lovens is HOME! Becky and her husband are home with Lorvens, right now. Well, maybe not right this exact second, but he’s here!

In this episode of the podcast you’ll hear:

  • The things that are giving Becky the most anxiety about bringing her son home from Haiti.
  • How they are getting their stateside kids ready to welcome home their new brother.
  • How Becky is preparing her business to get ready for their new addition.
  • How Becky is preparing their friends and family to be understanding and supportive of their family after they bring Lorvens home.

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About our guest: I’m Becky Dempster. I’m here to serve women who crave homes with purpose. I give them the tools they need to turn their houses into homes that are beautiful while meeting the needs. I remind them that their homes can feel like a big hug, and represent their style, without sacrificing function or budget.

I’ve got a blog full of DIY ideas for those who want to save money and do it themselves. I also offer interior design consulting where I give you the tools and tips you need to make your space reflect your style and work hard for you. I also took an empty barn and turned it into a big old party barn with the help of my husband. Now we use it for hosting junking and thrifting sales!

When I’m not busting out fun DIY projects or interior design plans for clients I can be found shuttling my three kids, playing with the dog, pretending to garden, or trying to get my cats out of the garage. And if all else fails, look for me locked up in my office, nose in a home design magazine, Pinterest, or reading.

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