34: Filling An Empty Cup And Finding An Outlet With Lauren Anderson

Lauren and I chat about her motherhood story as a mama with a medically fragile son and how she discovered radical self care and began to fill her empty cup through finding an outlet. 

Lauren has an amazing online program designed to teach us how to make spectacular bakery level decorated sugar cookies. You can learn more about that here.

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About Our Guest: Hi, I’m Lauren, a graphic designer-turned-cookier, obsessed with creating more joy in life and in the kitchen.

I grew up knowing I wanted to have a creative career. If you asked my mom and dad, they would have told you my curly hair was proof of my creativity. I chose graphic design to make my mark on the world, but after having kids, I needed a different outlet. I needed more joy, and cookies gave me that. 

I decorated my first cookie when I was going through the hardest years of my life. I had a baby with a serious medical condition, and my life changed in an instant. My son’s needs were so tremendous that I left my graphic design job and became his around-the-clock caretaker. Eventually we found some stability, and I decided to bring something into my life that was just for ME: cookie decorating!

Over the last four years, I’ve taught myself the dos and don’ts of baking and decorating cookies through a lot of trial and error. Now, I want to share the basics and techniques that look impressive, but are easy to master. My goal is to inspire you to jump in and choose to have more fun and joy in life—through cookies! 

I hold a bachelor of arts degree from Ricks College, Idaho in graphic design. The design degree and my passion for design and art comes in very handy running a cookie business. After over 20 years running various art departments, and my own graphic design firm, I’m able to bring my experiences full circle as I share my baking and decorating passion to different outlets and formats online, reaching all over the world. 

I’m also the mother of three amazing kids, a heart mom, and am married to my soul mate and best friend. Find me at Lolly’s Home Kitchen. 


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