Delight In December

Delight in December is an online course and live experience hosted by NJ Rongner, founder and CEO of  Working Christian Mom. Instead of letting the hustle of December happen to us, we're going to DESIGN an experience that feeds our soul, protects our SPIRIT and gives us a chance to PAUSE and enjoy all of the wonderful the season has to offer. 

There is freedom to be found in preperation and simplicity.

Delignt In December Modules
Week 1: Prep Week. Digging in to what matters most.
Week 2: Tackle your time. Saying no to say yes.
Week 3:Travel, Logistics & Balance. How to get graciously selfish.
Week 4: Gifts, Giving & Service Projects: Make your lists, check them twice.
Week 5: Food and Family Traditions: Cultivating a legacy worth leaving.
Week 6:Preparing For Advent: Getting your heart ready for the CELEBRATION of Christmas.
Week 7: Go! Time: Hands on, hearts ready. Time to crush our to do lists early.
Week 8: Dealing with difficult people. It's not about you, it's about them. Strategies for holiday stress relief.
Bonus: New Years Eve Reflection Questions

Hustle without purpose is just busy. And we don't have time for "just busy."

Delight In December Details

  • Delight in December is an 8 module online course that will be hosted live by NJ Rongner.
  • The this course will run from October 9, 2018 to January 5, 2019.
  • New assignments will roll out over the course of 8 weeks.  These assignments will help you cultivate a December filled with more JOY and less stress. 
  • In December, our time will focus more on community support because so many of the puzzle pieces will already be in place. The extra weeks are there so  you can catch up if you need to! 
  • Members of this experience will have THEIR OWN private Facebook group where they can find community, brainstorm together and interact with NJ Rongner. Delight in December content is EXCLUSIVE to course members and will not be made available to those who are not in the program. 
  • The pop up Facebook group will close in January 2019. However, students will have lifetime access to the course materials. 
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About NJ Rongner

I'm NJ Rongner and just like you, I wear a ton of hats. I'm a wife, mom and small business owner. In addition to hosting the Working Christian Mom podcast, I serve women entrepreneurs as a strategic business consultant.  I'm know by a signature phrase "I can't sign off on that," and I'm  not afraid to tell my clients when they're going in the wrong direction.

Since the birth of my son in 2009, my husband and I have carefully crafted a December Christmas season that is the perfect mix of tradition, family time and joy. I've learned that to have a joy filled December, I have to plan with intention in the fall. It is my JOY to share all of my tips, tricks and hacks with you!  

Life is too short to be stressed out and try to please everyone at Christmas.


Let's LEARN how to make December Delightful again.